• The JAB team

    Judith Plamondon and Caroline Pailliez are two journalists who share a passion for fascinating and well-told stories. They met several years ago while working in a newspaper. Choosing to replace their pens and notepads with a camera, they now revel in telling unique, human stories to the world. Judith studied documentary film production at L’institut national de l’image et du son, while Caroline completed a storytelling Masters at Columbia University.

    What we do

    Based in Montreal, JAB Productions specializes in online videos for media outlets, NGOs and companies. Our team shoots, edits and conceives mini-documentaries that delve into important stories. Their video reports are published on websites and digital platforms throughout Quebec, Canada and the United States.


  • I Survived the Razor Blade

    “Girl, do not fear the razor blade.” Hawa Annour will always remember the lyrics of the song her mother and aunts chanted when she was being cut with cold scissors in Chad. She was twelve years old and underwent a feminine genital mutilation, like half of the girls in her country do. Nine years later, she found herself halfway around the world and healing through participating in a beauty pageant. See this video on Narratively.

  • A Fearless Love of Bears

    After losing two partners and living with HIV for 30 years, photographer inkedKenny revels in creating intensely intimate moments between rough, tattooed and furry men—men who, like him, are far from your token TV homosexuals. We take a look at PrEp, an innovative treatment that was conceived to limit the transmission of HIV, and is currently provoking a sexual revolution within the gay community. View our video published by Huffington Post Quebec and republished by Narratively.

  • Creation through Séguin’s eyes

    Profile of quebecer painter and writer Marc Séguin. We followed the artist as he put the finishing touch to his first feature-length film, Stealing Alice, showcasing Fanny Mallette, Denys Arcand and Elisapie Isaac. He travelled with his team around Quebec, New York, Venice and Nunavik, to film his self-funded project—expected to be released in the spring of 2016.


  • To contact us

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